Vision & Mission


Recognizing that actions and practice, as well as policies and procedures, are rooted in the systemic values of any organization, Vancouver Davis College is committed to establishing all of our activities on a solid foundation of core values.


These are the qualities that we both aspire to and attempt to live out as individuals and as an organization – qualities that embody the essence of leadership. Through the example and practice of Vancouver Davis College and its team, it is hoped that these core values will be adopted by our students as well.


Our core values are:

Love – genuine appreciation of the intrinsic worth of every individual and our responsibility to treat others as we would be treated.

Humility – a recognition that our knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are limited, and that we are not due any greater respect and deference than those with whom we interact each day

Service – to lead is to serve others, to devote ourselves to understanding and helping to meet their needs.

Collaboration – whether personally or institutionally, we are stronger and more effective as we pool our insights, abilities, and energies with others in pursuit of shared objectives.

Courage – to stand for what is right, to defend the rights of others, and to face the challenges that each day brings even, or perhaps especially, when we feel unequal to the task.

Integrity – to inspire trust in others based on their recognition that what we do is an outward expression of who we are; that the public and the private are in harmony.

Excellence – seeking always to learn more, grow, and perform at the highest possible level; always reaching beyond what is comfortable to explore our capacity to achieve.


To the extent that we as an organization and as individuals practice these core values, Vancouver Davis College will be a success.


At Vancouver Davis College, our mission is:

·       To contribute to the lives of our students by broadening their knowledge and developing marketable skills that enhance their employability.

·       To serve the community by providing workplace-ready graduates who meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.

·       To develop leaders who understand, embrace, and can apply the core values on which our college is founded.