Intensive English Language Program

You have your own reason for studying English. You may require a higher level of English skill to enter a college or university program. Advancement in your career may require stronger communication skills in English. You may need to improve your English skill for immigration purposes, or you may simply want to increase your fluency for travel or other personal reasons.

Whatever the reason for studying English, previous education and life experience has given each person a unique mix of strengths and weaknesses. The VDC Intensive English Language Program takes students from their present levels of English language proficiency to levels that match their needs up to a level suitable for post-secondary academic study.

The program consists of five levels – each composed of eight weeks of study – ranging from beginner to an academic level suitable for post-secondary studies. Accurate assessment of each student’s current ability determines their individual starting point followed by classes that lead to reaching each student’s goal. The classes address the four key skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing – as well as grammar, vocabulary building, and communication in a variety of formats.

Note: Students with a higher level of English as a starting point will not require all five levels of training. Tuition, textbook fees, and materials costs will be reduced accordingly. Details are available from our Admissions department.

Tuition and Fees

Total Tuition


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Course Materials



$ 11,050.00