President’s Message

In Vancouver Davis College, you find a commitment to excellence with a rich heritage and a dynamic future.


We build on the foundation of outstanding educational performance established in 1858 at our founding campus in Toledo, Ohio and continued throughout the many decades since.Thousands of our graduates have built solid careers and have brought their skills to bear on the challenges faced by their companies their families, and their communities.


We work in the present both to teach and to live according to the core principles that inform our college practice. This is demonstrated in the nature and content of our programs, the people that we bring together as integral parts of our team, and the way we approach our vision and mission as a college. What we do is important… how we do it matters even more.


We look to the future – preparing our graduates to contribute to their workplaces and their communities. We teach not only occupational skills, but also leadership as we strive to develop in our students a desire for lifelong learning that will result in both personal and professional growth.


Investment in education will always pay dividends. We are proud to serve our students and our community in this vital enterprise.